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About Child Rescue

the little ones
Our Mission: 


The ministry of Child Rescue is to provide refuge and shelter for needy children coming from poverty, shattered homes, abandonment, or who are orphaned through death. 


Child Rescue meets the physical needs of children in order to have the opportunity to meet their spiritual and emotional needs. 


Child Rescue has established Casa De Mi Padre (My Father’s House) children’s home where children will receive hope, stability, food, clothing, shelter, family, schooling, solid Biblical instruction, and living examples of God’s love.

Our History

Shane Sanderson founded Child Rescue in 2012. He felt the call to international missions, specifically to orphan care, and eventually discovered the great need for a children's home in Santa Cruz del Quiche. At that time, there was no home in the city whatsover. He teamed up with a local Guatemalan church, and Casa de mi Padre was born. 

Within the first two months he had sixteen wild children living at Casa! Within a few years, more people were catching on to the vision and heart of Casa de mi Padre. Several other missionaries have shared in the mission, and left the U.S. to help raise the children as well. 

Our Future

In 2016, the owner of the home we rent decided to sell it. Thus began Shane's dream of building a home created to meet the needs of the ministry! It's a slow process, but every day we are making progress! Instead of having one large home, we will have a small village of three homes with a common house to take meals in together. We will still function as one big crazy family, but will also have small family units with house parents in each home. We are so excited about what the Lord is doing with this new piece of our ministry's adventure!


Where is Casa de mi Padre? 

Casa De Mi Padre is nestled in a rural area on the outskirts of Santa Cruz, a small city in the mountains of Quiche. 


Although Guatemala is ecologically beautiful, poverty is wide spread throughout the countryside and large innercities. Some of the highest rates of illiteracy, infant mortality, and malnutrition are in our region, while life expectancy is the lowest. The Quiche people are an indigenous group who have limited education and resources. The population of the city of Santa Cruz is between 45 and 55 thousand people with only one other operating orphanage within the city.  The opportunity for ministry is vast and the need for orphan care in Santa Cruz, Quiche, and the surrounding region is real.  Casa De Mi Padre has been established to meet this need.

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