Meet our American Staff

Shane Sanderson
Founder and Director

Shane Sanderson founded and directed Southside Youth Outreach in Saint Joseph, Missouri in 1993.  The ministry of SYO was to reach kids with the good news of Jesus Christ.  SYO fulfilled that vision and continues on.  The vision of Child Rescue continues to carry on that same heart for ministry with the additional mission of caring for the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of children in a more stable, long-term environment.
Shane grew up in Oak Grove, Missouri where his dad served as pastor of the Oak Grove Bible Church.  Shane later got involved with Kansas City Youth For Christ where he learned much of the ministry approaches that would shape his life and ministry for good.  After founding and directing Southside Youth Outreach, In 2010 Shane felt the call to go to a third world country to reach kids not only with the good news of Jesus Christ but also to provide a home and refuge for the fatherless.  Shane founded Child Rescue of Central America as an offshoot ministry of Midland Ministries in St. Joseph.  God led him to the city of Santa Cruz del Quiché in Guatemala where he found a home that became the ministry of Casa de Mi Padre.  This amazing ministry is stronger than ever and exists to reach the fatherless of Guatemala with the gospel and also provides a place for them to live and grow full-time.  Casa de Mi Padre meets the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of kids who otherwise might be living on the streets or worse.  The transformation they experience through this ministry is nothing short of miraculous.  
Shane's Monthly Updates 2022
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Cole and Sarah McCauley
Director of Operations
Cole McCauley is from Saint Joseph, Missouri. Christ revealed himself to Cole while he was in college. He was saved from a life of addiction to drugs, drinking, and whatever else gave him sensations. After being born again Cole was taught what it meant to follow Christ through Campus Crusade for Christ at NWMSU. There Cole came to know the truth and love of Christ personally. After time and time again striving for obedience to Gods word and seeing the promises of the Bible come true, Cole knew He was being called to proclaim this truth to ALL people. While finishing college God grew a passion in Cole for evagelisim and discipleship. Cole pursued Collegiate ministry for a year then God lead him in a diffrent direction. While working with people who have disabilities God taught Cole what it meant to unconditionally love and care for people who can't do so for themselves. Here God also taught Cole how to lead a houshold and a team of people to care and provide for the needs of others. Cole took His first mission trip to Casa de mi Padre in the summer of 2014. There Cole fell in love with every aspect of the ministry. He saw opportunity for much ministry in Quiche and had experienced the beginnings of many great relationships with the kids. God had given him a clear calling so he faithfully followed. Then in the spring of 2015 Cole took a 3 month discernment trip to Casa de mi Padre where God confirmed his calling. He has been with Midland Ministries and Child Rescue for over 4 years and is now the assistant director of Casa. His top priorities are to seek God daily, to spend time in His presence asking for wisdom and guidance for his leadership, and to pray over the children and staff of our home. In the home, Cole is responsible to make sure all staff know what is expected of them and that they are taking care of the children well. He oversees child discipline and teachings. Cole manages the transitional kids’ home placement and furthered education. Along with other administrative tasks, Cole works to provide daily child care for the 23 kids of Casa.

Sarah is the “Cole-acclaimed” co-assistant director of Casa de Mi Padre. She is also from St. Joseph, Missouri, and was active First Baptist Church for several years.  Sarah has worked as a music teacher and enjoys praising God through music and sharing her talent with others. Her most recent job was at St. Joseph Christian School; previously she was an orchestra director for the St. Joseph Public School District. She also taught violin and piano lessons. After Cole and Sarah married in January of 2018, Sarah moved to Guatemala. She will help with office work at Casa, and she is diligently learning Spanish. The biggest ways she can help with the kids right now are through non-verbal actions like smiles, hugs, kisses, and playing violin. There are many more areas where Sarah could use her skills in the future to bless the children such as violin and piano lessons, gardening, English education. She is praying that God will open many ministry opportunities. Cole believes Sarah will bring needed order and structure to himself and Casa de Mi Padre!

Cole and Sarah have a deep desire to raise faithful and educated disciples of Christ. Cole desires that one day not only the City of Quiche but the Country of Guatemala will be reached by the disciples God is raising at Casa de mi Padre. 
Cole and Sarah's Monthly Updates 2022