Meet our Guatemalan Staff

Enocs and Maria Barrios
​House Parents
Enocs and Maria have faithfully served Casa de mi Padre as our live-in house parents with Casa de Mi Padre since 2013. They were both born and raised in the town of Playa Grande Ixpan just south of the Guatemalan/Mexican border.
Enocs is a bricklayer by trade and is a very diligent worker. Enocs is our construction foreman for the project of our new casa. He does a variety of other tasks including home and vehicle maintenance, and leads morning devotions from time to time. He also very much enjoys playing with the kids and is a gifted soccer player.  He is truly a jack of all trades!
Maria handles the bulk of the cooking for the entire house and is like a mother to all of the children.  She is an amazing cook and always serves with a smile on her face. She isn't just a cook, but also does an abundance of behind-the-scenes tasks. She loves the children fiercly, and sacrifices much of her free time to serve them. 
Maria and Enocs are the glue, holding the many spinning wheels of our ministry together. We could not function efficiently without them, and are so thankful for their service!
Alberto and Sebastiana Staff Picture 05-2022.png
Alberto and Sebastiana
​House Parents

Alberto and Sebastiana accepted the call to serve at Casa De Mi Padre as house parents in June 2021. Alberto is well educated and holds a Bachelor of Science. He is in charge of the care and instruction of the young men and women of our home. He loves hanging out and joking with the older boys, as well as spending time with our girls. In addition to caring for and training our children, Alberto helps with maintenance of our home and drives the buses that take our children to many activities. Using their many skills and gifts, Alberto and Sebastiana are a blessing to us! 


Sebastiana fills the role as mother in our home. She keeps things running smoothing and in good order. Our girls know that they can go to Sebastiana for the love and mentoring desperately needed in their lives. We thank God that he called Alberto and Sebastiana to serve with us and care for the children at Casa De Mi Padre.

House Keeper
Feliza is a native of Santa Cruz del Quiche, having been born and raised here her whole life.  She first came to know of the ministry of Casa de Mi Padre though her local church, La Iglesia de El Pueblo de Dios.  She joined our staff in August of 2012, as our housekeeper and assistant to the cook. She is a faithful follower of Jesus Christ filled with joy, and has the most infectious smile! She says the most favorite part of her job here at Casa de Mi Padre is making sure the house is clean and germ free for the kids.  She is an absolute gem to work with and our house is happy to have her as a part of our staff.
Childcare Specialist
Yajaira began serving in our ministry in December 2018. She first learned about Casa de mi Padre through her church, when they organized and executed a day full of activities for the children. The directors of Casa de mi Padre noticed how well she connected with the kids, and invited her to apply for the opening we had. Within weeks, she accepted the position, and we are so thankful she did!
Yajaira is the kind of person that is loved by all. There is not a mean bone in her body! She loves those around her genuinely, and serves without complaining. She spends a lot of time helping the younger girls and boys, and they all adore her!
Childcare Specialist
Carlos began serving in our ministry in June 2018. He is a gentle kind-hearted individual, and loves the children so well! He spends most of his time with the older boys, and building positive relationships with them. He works tirelessly to pursue them, and be a positive male role model in their lives. He plays a lot of soccer with them, and leads them in a weekly biblestudy. 
He is married to the love of his wife, and has a beautiful baby daughter. In addition to serving at Casa de mi Padre, he is also the P.E. teacher at the private christian school our children attend. He is a fun-loving member of the team, and is loved by all!
Childcare Specialist

Analu has been involved in our ministry from the beginning! Her family was crucial in the foundation of our ministry, and she has been serving and loving our kids since 2012. She began serving as a full-time staff member in the Summer of 2018. She spends most of her time investing in the girls of our home, and serves wholeheartedly. 

In addition to working full-time with us, she also is pursuing a collegiate degree in School Administration. She also serves as the Assistant Principal at the privates christian school our children attend in Santa Cruz. Analu pursues perfection in every aspect of her life, and works diligently to love our children to the best of her abilities.